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10 February 2019  Issue No: 538
Top Stories
PHOTOA new study charts a “massive recent surge” in artificial intelligence-based inventions, with Chinese universities making a strong contribution to a field dominated by United States and Japanese companies. But universities in the Middle East and Africa are in danger of being left behind.
The rise of nationalism and the increasing cost of tuition present a threat to the aspirations of internationalisation of higher education. The realisation of these aspirations requires reinvesting fees into the student experience and access as well as immigration policies that provide pathways for international students.
One of the biggest failures of international higher education cooperation over the past 25 years has been the inability to thoroughly demonstrate its added value by means of rigorous empirical research, particularly in terms of improved learning outcomes or the political benefits.
PHOTOThe arrest of Indian students who had enrolled in a fake Michigan university has prompted a strong reaction in India after it emerged that it had been set up and run by undercover agents for the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.
PHOTOAutomatic recognition of qualifications, a key ambition of the European Education Area, offers the promise of fast and fair decisions on equivalent qualifications, drastically benefiting student mobility by 2025, but it is more complex than it might first appear.
PHOTOBusiness schools are entering an era of hyper-competition to attract international talent, earn reputation and grow resources at a time of tightening visa rules and post-work opportunities and increasing activity from alternative providers. How can they survive and thrive in this context?
Transformative Leadership
PHOTOStudying information systems combined with leadership classes and project experience with students from multiple disciplines have enabled one young Kenyan to develop an award-winning app that could save small tea farmers billions of shillings in wasted crop.
Special Report
PHOTOThe Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) and the CHEA International Quality Group (CIQG) held their annual conferences last week. On the agenda were how to build trust in universities in a hostile environment, how to address corruption in higher education and how to adapt higher education to a world of changing demand and innovative modes of provision. University World News was the media partner.
PHOTOAs the Nigerian government announces its intention to crack down on illegal universities, questions are being raised by academics about how they were able to proliferate in the first place, the impact of their closure on thousands of desperate students, and what the government should be doing to improve quality across the entire sector.
World Round-up
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