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20 January 2019  Issue No: 535
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PHOTOA new law in India extending caste-based quotas in government jobs and education to economically disadvantaged people of dominant castes will shake up the higher education sector by reserving an additional 10% of seats – or an estimated additional 3.5 million places – for the new category.
The digital university will need to prepare for a new stage of the knowledge economy that will unify science and higher education, but it is likely to be one with fewer jobs for many and may mean universities need to rethink their purpose.
Talks have begun to make the University of Tsukuba the first Japanese university to set up a branch in Malaysia but also the first Japanese campus overseas, after a request from Malaysia’s Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad was supported by Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.
PHOTOResearch ethics and integrity, from being barely mentioned several years ago, has risen quickly to become one of the top strategic priorities in doctoral education in Europe, according to a landscape report published by the European University Association’s Council for Doctoral Education.
PHOTOVietnam is heavily committed to internationalisation of higher education and its efforts have had positive effects. However, concerns about inequity and inequality have emerged from the fragmented and ad-hoc way internationalisation is being implemented. A rethink away from a neocolonial approach is needed.
PHOTOUnited States colleges fear the rising tensions with China and the potential economic slump there will do far more damage to US higher education than the long controversy over President Donald Trump’s travel ban and immigration policies, and the threats are not just coming from the American side.
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