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Universities adjust to ChatGPT, but the ‘real AI’ lies ahead 4 March 2023
StopFake: In the trenches of Russia’s deadly information warfare 16 February 2023
Political controversy over rising international student debt 16 February 2023
Maximising diversification is not always the best policy 11 February 2023
Rectors back EC launch of European degree pilot projects 8 February 2023
Hong Kong tops THE ‘most international universities’ list again 28 January 2023
Russia’s war against intellectuals is claiming more victims 14 January 2023
International students: Are countries throwing away the gold? 13 January 2023
Ban on women students to impact severely on higher education 13 January 2023
Call for Islamic unity against Taliban’s banning of women’s HE 30 December 2022
Support for Putin’s war exposes a flaw in Russian studies 17 December 2022
Climate researchers are silenced by harassment – Survey 10 December 2022
Optimism trumps ethics in student recruitment ‘comeback’ 3 December 2022
Does the UK want more or fewer international students? 2 December 2022
Thousands of Ukrainian students find peace in Poland 26 November 2022
What fate for China’s Confucius Institutes under new PM? 20 November 2022
Indian students return to Ukraine despite war escalating 4 November 2022
Researcher arrested on suspicion of being a Russian spy 26 October 2022
Assessment of scientists needs to go beyond bibliometrics 15 October 2022
UK Chevening scholarships resume, but with limitations 13 October 2022
National university entry exams resume amid security fears 7 October 2022
Universities urged to go ‘beyond words’ and enrol refugees 1 October 2022
New report maps internationalisation in ‘turbulent’ future 28 September 2022
Updated Magna Charta marks shift in universities’ thinking 24 September 2022
Feeling understood makes forgiveness more likely – Study 24 September 2022