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A wildcard with possible fallout for HE: Youth unemployment 20 November 2023
University legitimacy: a strong defence of academic freedom 18 November 2023
No end in sight for growing graduate unemployment rate 3 November 2023
International students killed in escalating violence 10 October 2023
Accelerating the 2030 Agenda through inclusive citizen science 23 September 2023
Where universities face emerging threats and crises 15 September 2023
Government called upon to overhaul student grant scheme 22 July 2023
Top Hong Kong scientists join pandemic research alliance 22 July 2023
The future of publishing: scientists need a greater say 24 June 2023
Report reveals ‘disturbing’ trends in academic salaries 21 June 2023
University agrees to settle class-action suit over shutdown 17 June 2023
Union attacks Scottish university principals’ pay hikes 23 May 2023
Six Hungarian universities sue EU for freezing Erasmus funds 12 May 2023
Calls for probe into death of student after her exam 10 May 2023
Research contribution on cardiovascular disease remains low 27 April 2023
Lessons from differences in university pandemic resilience 8 April 2023
Fear, loathing and ideology: Why academics resist edtech 1 April 2023
Fears persist over impact of immigration rules on academia 27 March 2023
HE needs to safeguard international student mental health 11 February 2023
Lowering tuition fees for poorer nations is a flawed idea 24 January 2023
University cheer squads make an unusual bid for survival 14 January 2023
Over 15% of firms plan to hire more graduates in 2024 11 January 2023
Is higher education set to become an economic handmaiden? 8 January 2023
State surgeon general accused of flawed science by peers 30 December 2022
Student services call for social infrastructure cash boost 14 December 2022