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Author: Thierry M Luescher
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Title Date
A lasting legacy? Reflections on the #MustFall movement 14 September 2023
Universities fall short of ‘deep transformation’ 22 June 2023
Society-centred institutions require cultural shift in HE 25 January 2023
Structural HE reforms required to balance knowledge, skills 19 January 2023
Universities should be dynamic, ‘transformative spaces’ 24 November 2022
‘There is no such thing as an African university’ 17 November 2022
‘Africa needs digitised open universities and dual education’ 3 November 2022
African HE can be more competitive through 4IR technologies 26 October 2022
Duality of knowledge paradigms requires institutional agility 29 September 2022
Explore new ways to restructure knowledge production 22 September 2022
Student affairs and services commit to advancing SDGs 17 September 2022
Universities in Africa ‘don’t understand what they are’ 15 September 2022
‘Rebuild the intellectual community on the continent’ 8 September 2022
‘Change the knowledge economy into a knowledge democracy’ 1 September 2022
Systemic decolonisation needs a pan-African approach 25 August 2022
True transformation of HE requires deep discussion and time 18 August 2022
Solution to Africa’s HE problem lies beyond campus gates 4 August 2022
Reconfigure HE for employable graduates, relevant research 28 July 2022
Perspectives on advancing emerging research universities 2 June 2022
‘Divorced universities’ could thrive through community bond 12 May 2022
Young academics need mentorship from universities 5 May 2022
‘African universities should differentiate their missions clearly’ 28 April 2022
Find a balance between indigenisation, internationalisation 21 April 2022
Research focus on Africa ‘re-influences’ North’s thinking 13 April 2022
Universities must find ways to fast-track the ‘brightest’ 31 March 2022