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Business professor accused of faking data sues Harvard 5 August 2023
Pressure mounts on colleges to ditch ‘legacy’ admissions 15 July 2023
Who scrubbed ‘systemic’ from African American course plan? 25 February 2023
Howard University secures military research contract 25 January 2023
State surgeon general accused of flawed science by peers 30 December 2022
College recruitment tool may be reinforcing bias – Study 23 September 2022
Princeton extends aid to families earning up to US$100,000 14 September 2022
Rising rents add to college students’ scramble for housing 12 August 2022
Poll finds broad support for gender equity in sports aid 26 June 2022
COVID-19 adds to the stress of university entrance exams 10 June 2022
Few protests at university after controversial Pence speech 16 April 2022
Colleges scramble to recruit students as enrolment plunges 5 April 2022
Father or student: Black men in college often face a choice 21 February 2022
US expected to drop case against China-born MIT scientist 19 January 2022
Historically black universities receive bomb threats 8 January 2022
More US colleges rethink student loans 18 December 2021
Gunmen kidnap six in rare attack on university in capital 6 November 2021
DC universities start to peel back COVID restrictions 4 June 2021
Black enrolment in HE continues to lag in many states 25 April 2021
Universities face pressure to vet ex-Trump officials 31 January 2021
Chinese nationals charged with hacking universities, firms 20 September 2020
Privacy laws cannot be used to hide COVID-19 data – Experts 5 September 2020
Plan to loosen regulation of online college learning 4 April 2020
Adjunct professors without benefits worry about coronavirus 21 March 2020
Coronavirus forces universities to get creative 29 February 2020