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Towards zero-carbon agriculture through ‘healthy farming’ 18 March 2023
Ministry ramps up bid to close gender gap among academics 31 January 2023
Cross-border programme nurtures global SDG leadership 21 January 2023
Universities brace for more cuts as defence spending rises 21 January 2023
Collaboration on early detection could foil next pandemic 10 December 2022
Universities face lawsuits from job-insecure researchers 24 November 2022
University reforms tap post-pandemic shifts in attitudes 9 November 2022
Academics rise to the challenge with sustainable solutions 25 October 2022
Stronger HE networks a focus of Japan’s US$30 billion package 8 September 2022
As borders reopen, ministry resets foreign student target 29 June 2022
‘Zero Hunger’ SDG: How this university became a leader 29 June 2022
Universities in Japan and Taiwan open doors to Ukrainians 10 June 2022
Female medical students win compensation over access bias 26 May 2022
High demand for STEM degrees raises concern for humanities 21 April 2022
Top universities gear up to apply for new national fund 24 March 2022
Foreign students set to return but damage ‘already done’ 24 February 2022
Scandals spark debate on reform of private universities 18 January 2022
As Omicron spreads, major new push for vaccine research 18 December 2021
Student dropout rate due to COVID-19 is still rising 26 November 2021
Travel ban lifted but students could be a long time coming 11 November 2021
Academics call for urgent, drastic reforms post-election 2 November 2021
Academics call for better support for Afghan alumni 20 October 2021
‘Quad’ Summit gives impetus to research collaboration 30 September 2021
New semester sees many foreign students still shut out 9 September 2021
Students and professors eager to keep online teaching 3 August 2021