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Author: Sjur Bergan
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How will AI impact upon the recognition of qualifications? 4 April 2023
Universities and elections: Democratic actors or reactors? 21 January 2023
How useful are rankings? Four questions to help you decide 27 August 2022
Higher education institutions are anchors for democracy 5 July 2022
Assisting Ukrainian academics and students is our priority 15 April 2022
Refugee qualification passport: Not just a technical issue 22 March 2022
Rising to the challenge of educating concerned citizens 5 March 2022
Decreasing democracy: A direct threat to higher education 29 January 2022
Future challenges for the European Higher Education Area 4 December 2021
Quality higher education in times of crisis 9 October 2021
Why higher education must develop democratic competences 18 September 2021
HE must help build a more sustainable, democratic future 7 April 2021
Opening up education opportunities for refugee scholars 27 March 2021
Academic mobility needs a culture of acceptance to work 30 January 2021
A milestone for refugee access to higher education 12 December 2020
European Higher Education Area enters its second decade 28 November 2020
A way to enable refugees to help in the COVID-19 crisis 2 May 2020
Universities must help shape the post-COVID-19 world 18 April 2020
Towards a vision for the European Higher Education Area 4 April 2020
Academic freedom, institutional autonomy and democracy 31 August 2019
Recognising refugee qualifications – A virtuous circle 8 July 2019
Lisbon Recognition Convention moves to North America 31 August 2018
European partners to recognise refugees’ qualifications 16 March 2018
Recognition of foreign credentials is a moral duty 1 September 2017
Developing an education for the society we want 29 May 2015