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Against hope, academics strive for global recognition of HE 18 March 2023
Towards zero-carbon agriculture through ‘healthy farming’ 18 March 2023
How students and faculty can build their social capital 18 March 2023
Court blocks ‘Stop WOKE Act’ in Florida schools – again 18 March 2023
Lack of Africa-specific datasets challenge AI in education 18 March 2023
Female vice-chancellors unite to achieve gender equality 17 March 2023
Cost-of-living crisis affects students in top universities 17 March 2023
Universities racing to tap into ‘huge’ India for students 17 March 2023
Academics warned to remain ‘neutral’ ahead of election 17 March 2023
Academics speak out about impact of outsourced courses 17 March 2023
Counselling centre heads lose jobs in restructuring drive 17 March 2023
University head steps back amid Indigenous claims scrutiny 17 March 2023
Government is yet to decide on university fee increase 17 March 2023
In a first, Hebrew university launches class in UAE studies 17 March 2023
Researchers find ‘terrifying’ plastic rocks on remote isle 17 March 2023
3,000 law graduates stranded and denied career dreams 17 March 2023
Rector faces no-confidence vote over language furore 17 March 2023
University tells libraries to remove rainbow flag displays 17 March 2023
SDGs: Study urges universities to see students as resource 17 March 2023
Attacks on academic freedom signal an erosion of democracy 16 March 2023
Digitalisation: a panacea for exam cheating, or not yet? 16 March 2023
Open letter to President Kais Saied: In the name of Hannon 16 March 2023
New clampdown on students amid protests over ‘poisonings’ 15 March 2023
Bold new charter aims for balance in North-South partnerships 15 March 2023
Divisions over readiness for ‘Study in Iraq’ initiative 15 March 2023