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New anti-plagiarism laws not tough enough – Academics 14 April 2018
Loan scheme will fund world-class research facilities 21 March 2018
Top universities banned from using foreign funding 15 September 2017
Plan for universities to hold jobs for foreign faculty 8 September 2017
March for Science highlights parlous state of research 19 August 2017
IIMs gain greater autonomy, can award MBAs under new law 11 August 2017
World-class universities plan has caste action flaw 30 June 2017
STEM focus to drive ‘world-class’ universities scheme 26 May 2017
Court challenge to drastic PhD programme cuts at JNU 5 May 2017
Digital records to tackle fake qualifications 7 April 2017
Second university ranking adds new overall category 5 April 2017
Universities fear political threat to free speech 2 March 2017
Indian students weigh up US study in Trump era 24 February 2017
Budget bolsters top institutions’ bid for world-class status 4 February 2017
Commission moves to block use of predatory publishers 27 January 2017
Political meddling causes Nalanda University turmoil 9 December 2016
Universities and students struggle in cash crisis 25 November 2016
May fails to placate Modi on UK student visa rules 9 November 2016
IITs plan to lure top foreign academics and students 14 October 2016
Row over Australian visa rejection for top researcher 19 August 2016
New minister puts internationalising HE on agenda 14 August 2016
New minister puts internationalising HE on agenda 12 August 2016