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New York universities’ tax breaks come under more scrutiny 29 September 2023
US, UK universities lead ‘THE’ rankings but China rising 27 September 2023
New partnership shines light on HE’s key roles for sustainability 23 September 2023
When’s the best time for students to start a business? Now. 23 September 2023
Africa should focus research on population growth challenges 20 September 2023
Research has to change the lives of end users, experts say 19 September 2023
Policymakers are not using evidence. This study asks why. 14 September 2023
Revamped research grants aim to entice scientists to Russia 12 September 2023
Universities fight for survival as student numbers shrink 10 September 2023
How six decades of solid research added value to HE policy 2 September 2023
How to make Erasmus+ more carbon neutral – A student view 2 September 2023
Chinese universities outnumber US in ARWU top-1,000 ranking 18 August 2023
Far-reaching reforms in university sector take shape 17 August 2023
Portal to focus on the collection of quality data about TVET 17 August 2023
So far, HE applicant numbers slightly down on previous year 12 August 2023
Africa-Russia HE cooperation plan reflects geopolitical tussles 10 August 2023
The Western PhD model is not entirely suitable for Africa 5 August 2023
Supervisor enhancement programme strengthens research 3 August 2023
Kenya launches portal as new funding model goes live 3 August 2023
600 extra college places to come on stream in September 29 July 2023
Confucius Institute at university to continue operations 22 July 2023
Russia to expand HE collaboration with Asia and Africa 14 July 2023
Increase research support for the social sciences – Study 4 July 2023
Impact of Anti-Homosexuality Act filtering through to HE 29 June 2023
UJ’s focus on societal change makes it the leader in SDG1 20 June 2023