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Economic decline can hamper ambitious student housing plans 24 August 2023
Students who ‘cause trouble for the state’ to face trial 12 June 2023
Red tape, tepid political will hamper starting private HEIs 27 April 2023
Is the modular HE learning system a friend or a foe? 9 March 2023
Protesting students succeed in overturning a 100% fee hike 2 March 2023
Student housing complex completed, more projects to follow 2 February 2023
Power crisis takes toll on students during their exams 15 December 2022
HE institutions need to step up the implementation of SDGs 8 December 2022
Zim students ask court to suspend hike in tuition fees 19 September 2022
Students develop mobile apps to help them with life skills 25 August 2022
Fear that National Youth Service can erode academic freedom 4 August 2022
Students stay away to protest fee hikes, cost of living 10 May 2022
Hustling your way to graduation: The ups and downs 14 April 2022
Concern over academic freedom as government amends acts 10 March 2022
What do students expect from their universities? 3 March 2022
Suicides among students raise concern over mental health 27 January 2022
Student leaders who cannot “speak in tongues” win court case 16 November 2021
Students want a ‘better, freer and more democratic Zimbabwe’ 11 November 2021
Universities, students take the lead in industrialisation 30 September 2021
Students arrested for protesting about tuition fees 22 September 2021
Students outraged by ‘no jab, no exam’ directives 27 August 2021
Contact classes suspended in Zimbabwe 5 July 2021
Ministry asked to suspend contact lectures 28 June 2021
‘Where Africa is going lies in the hands of its youth’ 17 June 2021
Innovation bill aims to coordinate research efforts 10 June 2021