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Author: Philip G Altbach
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Politics aside, China must be integrated into world science 9 September 2023
Shortages and surpluses in HE: The curious case of India 1 July 2023
At no other time has higher education been more important 9 May 2023
When HE internationalisation operates as an industry 11 April 2023
Elite private higher education: a small but notable sector 25 March 2023
University rankings: Assessing the newest kid on the block 11 February 2023
Optimism trumps ethics in student recruitment ‘comeback’ 3 December 2022
India’s higher education is opening up. But is it ready? 5 November 2022
What the Nobels tell us about science and higher education 22 October 2022
The decoupling with the West will be hard on China’s HE 6 September 2022
The US has an instability problem and it’s affecting HE 19 July 2022
Research mission of universities – Missing from UNESCO roadmap 4 June 2022
Competing for talent on the battlefield of the Global South 7 May 2022
Chinese to play a modest but noticeable role in global HE 7 May 2022
In the mad rush to disengage, we join in Putin’s extremism 2 April 2022
In a new Cold War, academic engagement is still necessary 12 March 2022
Now is the time to get serious on the climate crisis 4 December 2021
The 2021 Nobels: Lessons for HE, science and society 21 October 2021
Hong Kong higher education reaches an inflection point 31 August 2021
Student mobility: Can the US correct its loss of primacy? 28 August 2021
International higher education at a crossroads post-COVID 12 June 2021
Despite concerns, should universities engage with China? 1 May 2021
Why Latin America needs world-class universities 6 March 2021
Nirvana’s not coming – IHE implications of the US election 14 November 2020
Chemistry Nobel highlights importance of women in science 7 November 2020