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Student unions object to proposal to segregate genders 31 August 2023
Taliban officials attended Iranian Shia university – Dean 22 July 2023
Some final-year students receive no degree classification 23 June 2023
War impacts Russian language studies at Czech universities 5 May 2023
Fossil fuel companies are skewing university research 1 April 2023
Judicial reform: University heads announce class shutdown 29 March 2023
Tehran students protest closure of dormitories and classes 4 March 2023
Court rejects exclusion of foreign-schooled local students 4 February 2023
Hundreds of food poisonings in universities raise alarm 10 December 2022
Students embark on three-day strike at several universities 10 December 2022
President delivers university speech to vetted audience 10 December 2022
University apologises for barring media from filming speech 3 December 2022
Students occupy universities demanding climate action 18 November 2022
Activists criticise state universities’ student dress code 30 September 2022
Morality official defends university gender segregation 4 September 2022
Professors fired for dancing at graduation celebrations 14 July 2022
Concerns over leaked papers in university entrance exams 8 July 2022
Minister urges universities to focus on impactful research 2 July 2022
Higher education investment needed to halt ‘brain drain’ 10 June 2022
Politician criticises HE council for quality, inequality in HE 3 June 2022
Universities join hands with industry to open AI institute 14 May 2022
University restricts research jobs to certain demographics 30 April 2022
University hit by Russian rumours about student expulsions 30 April 2022
University professor loses job over comments on Lord Ram 26 April 2022
Tehran students protest tightened dress code restrictions 26 April 2022