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Report offers hope for moving the needle of consent culture 30 September 2023
The ‘shameless hatred’ behind attacks on gender, academia 20 September 2023
Affordable housing: A crisis (still) in need of a response 18 September 2023
Where universities face emerging threats and crises 15 September 2023
The results are in: post-secondary study is worth it 8 September 2023
President pushes ahead with a new student debt relief plan 4 September 2023
Has Baylor University turned its back on LGBTQIA+ students? 30 August 2023
Dear colleagues: How to achieve student diversity, legally 23 August 2023
‘We are like guest workers’ – Voices of scholars in exile 14 August 2023
Undocumented students deserve path to citizenship – Report 9 August 2023
Fears for college at centre of DeSantis’ war on ‘woke’ 5 August 2023
Ukrainian scholars answer Russian aggression with science 28 July 2023
54% of African student visa applications denied by the US 27 July 2023
Academic partnerships are key to helping Ukraine’s HE – EUA 19 July 2023
Accreditation experts fire back on Florida HEA lawsuit 18 July 2023
Ontario government slams door on French college in north 11 July 2023
How top universities owe existence to enslavement funds 10 July 2023
Supreme Court blocks Biden’s student debt forgiveness plan 1 July 2023
US Supreme Court overturns race-conscious admissions 30 June 2023
Is racism behind denial of visas to African students? 30 June 2023
New student housing model offers lifeline to rental market 23 June 2023
Report reveals ‘disturbing’ trends in academic salaries 21 June 2023
Mapping misogyny in the academy: From deplorable to illegal 17 June 2023
Indian students avoid deportation from Canada … for now 16 June 2023
The many – always deleterious – faces of credential fraud 11 June 2023