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Author: Nathan M Greenfield
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Academic freedom in decline in 22 countries worldwide 16 March 2023
Is DeSantis following Orbán’s playbook on universities? 15 March 2023
Upward transfer system is failing black students – Report 11 March 2023
Time to revoke: When honorary degrees bring dishonour 11 March 2023
Mental health initiative targets black students’ well-being 2 March 2023
International mentorship for new university leaders 25 February 2023
Facing facts: ChatGPT can be a tool for critical thinking 24 February 2023
Beyond measure: How the humanities make us better humans 18 February 2023
StopFake: In the trenches of Russia’s deadly information warfare 16 February 2023
DeSantis ignites ideological war against universities 7 February 2023
College enrolment decline caused by COVID starts to slow 4 February 2023
Academies’ efforts to close the gender gap pay off – Study 4 February 2023
Scholars share African perspective in literacy conversation 2 February 2023
Behind the elite university’s ‘visage of meritocracy’ 1 February 2023
Journal editors (mainly men) often self-publish – Study 28 January 2023
Beyond the monograph: New forms of historical scholarship 21 January 2023
Antisemitism in universities: When an apology is not enough 14 January 2023
Russia’s war against intellectuals is claiming more victims 14 January 2023
Republicans tighten their grip on higher education agenda 8 January 2023
Support for Putin’s war exposes a flaw in Russian studies 17 December 2022
Who will argue for truth in a top-down governance model? 17 December 2022
U Florida president’s appointment raises important questions 10 December 2022
Gateway courses: Artefacts of a bygone and elitist era 8 December 2022
At Oberlin, a long tradition of shared governance is ended 4 December 2022
School closures: The end of students’ educational dreams 2 December 2022