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Author: Munyaradzi Makoni
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Reaching 75% PhD target by 2030 is unlikely, researchers say 1 June 2023
Academics challenged to open up transformational knowledge 20 April 2023
Implementing open science in East Africa is picking up speed 9 March 2023
Academics discuss violent threats against HE leaders 2 February 2023
Open access publishing deal for low-, middle-income countries 19 January 2023
The battle against predatory academic journals continues 15 December 2022
Students set their terms for future EU-AU partnerships 17 February 2022
AU-EU talks: Partnerships to drive innovation agenda 17 February 2022
Academic publishing needs creative solutions to grow 10 February 2022
Millions for regional programme in oceanography 21 October 2021
HERA telescope to unravel Epoch of Reionisation mysteries 30 September 2021
Academic presses participate in global partnership 18 February 2021
Big plans for the safety, quality of indigenous foods 11 February 2021
New continental platform for open access publishing 4 February 2021
Mitigating the impact of extreme climate change events 3 December 2020
Education networks ask AU to help lobby governments 26 November 2020
COVID-19 is stoking inequality but also innovation in HE 21 November 2020
Funding creates once in a lifetime mentoring opportunity 5 November 2020
Open access article charge waiver for more than 100 journals 22 October 2020
HE gender-based violence plan – Milestone or ‘soft nudge’? 10 September 2020
National peer review weighs up quality of education journals 25 June 2020
Sparks fly over study on black students and biological sciences 10 June 2020
Loans offer lifeline to African students in Germany 21 May 2020
Some relief for Zimbabwean students still in China 12 March 2020
Bologna university demands release of student held in Cairo 14 February 2020