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Author: Louise Nicol
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Ticking time bomb of foreign students must be defused with data 16 September 2023
Politics vs prudence could hit UK international education 14 August 2023
How could ChatGPT disrupt global student recruitment? 15 July 2023
International education versus immigration hokey cokey 4 March 2023
International student recruitment – For soft power or hard cash? 16 February 2023
Lowering tuition fees for poorer nations is a flawed idea 24 January 2023
2023: Hopes and fears for UK international education 10 January 2023
Is anyone listening? International HE is in a parlous state 13 December 2022
More sticks than carrots lie ahead for higher education 27 October 2022
Amid UK crisis, graduate outcomes data even more critical 22 October 2022
The great immigration con: What can our universities do? 25 June 2022
Visa stunts are obscuring the value of global employability 11 June 2022
Return to normality: Is it crunch time for aggregators? 28 May 2022
The lure of commerce: Do universities face a brain drain? 14 May 2022
UK risks losing chance to be an ‘outcomes destination’ 16 April 2022
Why business schools need more women at every level 9 April 2022
Djokovic debacle: Implications for international students 17 January 2022
Why universities need to own entrepreneurial education 7 January 2022
Why do so few edtech companies have female founders? 6 November 2021
It doesn’t pay to be a female soothsayer, even in edtech 23 October 2021
Is a new Dark Age beckoning for higher education take-up? 29 September 2021
International students: UK must make hay while the sun shines 18 September 2021
There is more to student recruitment than edtechs offer 4 August 2021
From pathway to runway and lift off for employability 17 July 2021
Graduate job recruitment – From fish in a barrel to go fish 3 July 2021