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Medical university forges links with Ukraine counterparts 4 June 2022
International students to get continuous residence permit 20 April 2022
Faculty group censures university system over tenure change 12 March 2022
New tool allows students to safely report sexual harassment 23 October 2021
Universities need to provide data on staff ethnic diversity 3 October 2020
Writers condemn ban on gender theory classes 21 June 2020
Universities refund accommodation but not academic fees 6 June 2020
UCLA given US$25 million by Japanese clothing magnate 18 January 2020
Many hope surprise Morehouse gift has ripple effect 25 May 2019
Inclusive university education means happier citizens – Study 13 April 2019
Poignant empty chair tribute to imprisoned graduate 7 September 2018
Strict new laws clamp down on immigration programmes 31 August 2018
Merger leads to country’s first technological university 20 July 2018
Concern over websites selling fake Scottish degrees 1 June 2018
Universities, companies lobby for tax-free tuition help 15 December 2017
California universities win grant to develop bionic suit 15 September 2017
Brexit fails to deter EU students… this year 17 September 2016
University purge hits secularists, boosts conservatives 27 August 2016
Foreign students seen cheating more than domestic ones 10 June 2016
Ex-employees criticise Trump University 4 June 2016
Asian-Americans seek probe into Ivy League admissions 28 May 2016
Heavy recruitment of Chinese students sows discord 26 March 2016
Universities in Scottish north bear brunt of cuts 26 February 2016
University officials leave Chinese corporate boards 9 January 2016
Top university embraces Silicon Valley spirit 5 September 2015