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HE budget increased, but universities still under pressure 19 May 2023
Local university enrolments drop as foreign students return 30 March 2023
University gender balance moves further along the XX axis 27 September 2022
All universities face threat of coordinated staff strikes 24 September 2022
International students will not return until end of April 26 November 2021
Universities hope for border opening for international students 12 November 2021
Government mulls foreign student return under quarantine 13 May 2020
Government granted powers to control all universities 25 March 2020
Universities seek travel ban exemption for students 17 February 2020
Universities becoming 'too reliant' on Chinese students 26 August 2019
Group of Eight director to lead NZ’s largest university 15 June 2019
Evaluation finds rising number of world-class researchers 30 April 2019
Smallest university seeks security in potential merger 31 August 2018
Visa rules reformed to attract more foreign students 13 August 2018
Universities shocked as government freezes funding 20 May 2018
University considers a name change to avoid confusion 4 May 2018
Universities to join push for more Indian students 3 November 2017
Election pledges address student fees and allowances 15 September 2017
Government plans to attract world-class researchers 27 July 2016
Universities worried by productivity investigation 5 May 2016
Fewer school leavers qualified to enrol at university 4 March 2016
Universities face year-long productivity inquiry 24 February 2016
Universities face repeated falls in student enrolment 5 February 2016
Universities act to stem sharp drop in entrants 15 May 2015
University entrance rates plummet 5 February 2015