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Partnership to preserve artefacts welcomed and frowned upon 16 November 2023
Another unkept promise? Delay of loan scheme pains students 25 October 2023
What academics want from Nigeria’s new education minister 28 September 2023
Students abroad who bolt face repatriation or repayment 17 August 2023
Law expected to provide for mental health campus facilities 6 April 2023
Experts believe AI chatbots will improve learning, research 23 February 2023
Will presidential candidates deliver on their HE promises? 26 January 2023
Interest-free loans: Access versus long-term indebtedness? 15 December 2022
‘Traumatising’ forex policy blamed for students’ woes 8 December 2022
Student freed after allegedly trolling the first lady 5 December 2022
Student allegedly arrested for trolling of first lady 29 November 2022
Bid to end ‘discriminatory’ English test starts to pay off 17 November 2022
Why researchers must play role in the redesign of democracy 10 November 2022
After strike, flooding now keeps students from classes 31 October 2022
Experts polarised over increase in ranked universities 20 October 2022
Nigerian government licenses a new academic staff union 6 October 2022
Talent is being developed, now to keep it from leaving 6 October 2022
Abuse claims of students in Northern Cyprus ‘exaggerated’ 29 September 2022
Persistent calls to boycott Northern Cyprus universities 15 September 2022
Call to ban politicians from sending children to study abroad 18 August 2022
Benin Bronzes: Divergent views on repatriation of artefacts 11 August 2022
Medical council bans certificates from Ukrainian universities 30 June 2022
VCs’ anti-plagiarism efforts lead to new integrity tool 15 June 2022
Nigerians are spending vast amounts on studies abroad 2 June 2022
Moonlighting: Is it destroying Nigeria’s universities? 18 May 2022