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Author: Jean d’Amour Mbonyinshuti
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Student arrested after baby is found in dustbin on campus 7 December 2023
Laptop distribution stopped as students allegedly sell them 20 November 2023
Medical students, faculty to benefit from new centre 2 November 2023
Adult students want night classes to improve qualifications 19 October 2023
Rethink the format of student dissertations, urge academics 21 September 2023
Prospects for better living conditions for students look bleak 24 August 2023
Cheers as university resumes giving laptops to poor students 3 August 2023
Medical students from war-torn Sudan arrive in Rwanda 3 August 2023
AI can help HE, but guidelines for ethical usage are needed 3 July 2023
Thousands who qualify left stranded without university places 25 May 2023
‘Academic programmes should be designed around market needs’ 27 April 2023
The campus in the camp: Restoring hope for refugee students 30 March 2023
New VC determined to improve the quality of TVET graduates 26 January 2023
Government gets tough on the repayment of student loans 19 January 2023
Universities struggle to meet 30% target of staff with PhDs 12 January 2023
Region’s MPs worry about ‘quack’ private institutions 17 November 2022
Ministry reopens college after alleged theft by 12 staffers 7 November 2022
College closed after alleged theft of public resources 26 October 2022
Gender-based corruption widespread in universities – Report 12 October 2022
Low study loan recovery could affect future beneficiaries 19 September 2022
Students from Africa may soon start to return to China 25 August 2022
Private HE sector should do more to better education quality 24 August 2022
Council rooting for free movement as part of harmonising 23 August 2022
Students stuck without funding after technical mix-up 29 June 2022
Newly accredited college focuses on transferable skills 2 June 2022