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Campus staff fired for including their pronouns in emails 23 May 2023
Watchdog flags risks of over-reliance on Chinese students 20 May 2023
Apprenticeship plan aims to plug health staff shortages 12 May 2023
Universities object to ministerial veto over research funds 11 May 2023
Universities are using taxpayers’ money to subsidise MBAs 11 March 2023
Cost pressures: 1 in 4 students ‘more likely to drop out’ 28 January 2023
Universities report high deferrals owing to housing crisis 23 September 2022
University proposes to allow professors to work until 80 11 September 2022
Trump fails to mention his defunct university in HE rant 27 August 2022
Students’ union says lack of housing has caused catastrophe 24 August 2022
University offers: Trust rejects social engineering claims 20 August 2022
Amidst housing crisis, some students’ bookings cancelled 9 August 2022
PM hopeful vows to crack down on degrees with low outcomes 9 August 2022
Applications from EU students have trebled since Brexit 3 August 2022
Almost 200 university speakers, events rejected in 2020/21 17 July 2022
Universities pledge to curb COVID-driven degree inflation 8 July 2022
Foreign universities commit to opening branch campuses 15 June 2022
No comment from distance university over laptop deal probe 31 May 2022
Contractor says Makerere building will not open by October 21 May 2022
Plan to spend €2,000 more per college student on reforms 6 May 2022
Sexual misconduct: Call for lax universities to lose status 6 May 2022
Dropouts fall during COVID, but still high in some courses 13 April 2022
Universities suspend exchanges in solidarity with Ukraine 15 March 2022
Minister wants consent class for all third-level students 29 January 2022
Colleges deny using non-disclosure agreements 8 January 2022