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How to move open science from the periphery to the centre 19 November 2022
New doctoral education regulation sparks heated public debate 21 August 2021
Accelerating social sciences reach a fork in the road 21 November 2020
New minister faces graduate employability challenge 15 April 2016
Universities to be ranked in three tiers on quality 25 September 2015
Overhaul of university entrance exam is put to the test 12 June 2015
Cross-border education losing favour with students 27 June 2014
Course cull aims to improve quality - Government 19 March 2014
Hope that entrance exam changes will reduce cramming 21 February 2014
Aiming for at least one world-class university by 2020 24 January 2014
Scrutiny of universities targets more for closure 6 December 2013
Shortfalls highlight need for new student loans system 1 November 2013
The threat of falling behind in international students 21 September 2013
Research chemist launches Vietnam’s first MOOCs site 21 September 2013
As degree mills proliferate, new measures published 24 August 2013
Government lowers targets to slow HE student growth 20 July 2013
Graduate unemployment and ‘over-education’ rising 13 July 2013
University relocation plan stalls for lack of funding 15 June 2013
Tackling a serious shortage of lecturers with PhDs 1 June 2013
Partnership with Russia for new, world-class university 4 May 2013
Applications for ‘high employment’ courses drop 20 April 2013
Diaspora talent is lured back, but fails to stay 6 April 2013
Ministry orders cuts in enrolments to boost quality 22 March 2013
Draft reforms usher in ‘two-track’ masters system 12 December 2012
Internationalisation begins to bear fruit 2 December 2012