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Mentorship model for bioinformatics students bears fruit 13 April 2023
Online learning has taken root. Now, let’s turn to quality 9 March 2023
Uganda needs a comprehensive PhD education strategy – Study 2 March 2023
Students create content about Africa in local languages 16 February 2023
Harmonised higher education could be a game changer 1 September 2022
Teaching innovations help university to maximise learning 22 July 2022
Ugandan epidemiologist appointed to UN University Council 30 June 2022
Partnership targets interventions aimed at quality education 14 April 2022
Science councils will benefit from more ‘science on science’ 17 March 2022
Kenya should consider size and differentiation of HE sector 21 December 2021
Research licence applications dwindle due to COVID-19 2 November 2021
Experts believe investing in Africa’s young is critical 22 October 2021
Science as the key to sustainable and equitable development 14 October 2021
Students need intellectual property policies know-how 15 July 2021
E-learning is getting stuck in the digital divide 8 July 2021
Sisulu Foundation: Africa responds to COVID’s ‘hard lessons’ 1 July 2021
Faculty need policies for quality assurance of online learning 1 July 2021
Generosity and collegiality as institutions embrace blended learning 10 June 2021
Gendered research methods could counter hegemony 12 April 2021
Academics empowered for challenges in 2021 18 January 2021
South-South partnership to boost African research capacity 23 September 2020
Pressure to publish – Are quality and relevance at stake? 17 September 2020
Applying sound pedagogy to online teaching and learning 9 July 2020
More students opt to enrol at private universities 2 June 2020
Study shows online STEM learning is cheaper, and effective 23 April 2020