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Science and education: Major elements in modernisation bid 29 October 2022
Will Japan be able to lure international students back? 8 October 2022
The enduring challenge of balancing teaching and research 27 August 2022
The state of higher education internationalisation after COVID 21 May 2022
Disciplines take centre stage in bid for global prominence 26 February 2022
Two-way internationalisation plan faces several roadblocks 12 February 2022
More understanding needed for international faculty 16 October 2021
What does China’s dual circulation policy mean? 13 February 2021
A distinctive response to COVID-19 in higher education 5 December 2020
Keeping one step ahead of COVID-19’s likely impact on HE 19 September 2020
What does the future hold for Hong Kong’s universities? 9 June 2020
Chinese plans for Green Card stir domestic criticism 14 March 2020
China is choosing its own path on academic evaluation 26 February 2020
The rapidly changing focus of corporate universities 7 December 2019
China’s higher education system – 70 years of evolution 1 October 2019
Will China tighten constraints on Hong Kong universities? 13 July 2019
Doctoral education needs reform to compete internationally 6 July 2019
Changing attitudes to university teaching and research 13 April 2019
What do the international HE programme closures mean? 24 August 2018
The benefits and risks of HE internationalisation 11 May 2018
Universities look to the US general education model 13 October 2017
Japan needs to open up to international faculty 6 October 2017
Double World-Class Project has more ambitious aims 29 September 2017
How do university leaders view internationalisation? 18 August 2017
The multiple challenges facing HE quality assurance 28 April 2017