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Author: Eric Fredua-Kwarteng
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Title Date
The Western PhD model is not entirely suitable for Africa 5 August 2023
PhDs alone cannot solve Africa’s developmental challenges 10 May 2023
Africa needs more PhDs, but they must be of high quality 13 April 2023
Community service and the problem of undefined obligations 26 November 2022
Governments can help universities to achieve their vision 15 October 2022
Spoon-feeding is bad for students – and their countries 3 September 2022
A sustainable higher education funding model is a priority 21 May 2022
Geographical bias is a tiny piece of the publishing story 9 April 2022
Performance-based funding: What options for universities? 26 March 2022
How to ensure universities are meeting their stated goals 18 December 2021
Effective leadership is key to building research capacity 6 November 2021
Lecturers are key to ending colonial epistemicide 7 October 2021
A model of public accountability for African universities 4 September 2021
Educating ethical citizens is a priority for universities 15 August 2021
How universities can foster a scientific research culture 19 June 2021
Rewarding research that helps national development 22 May 2021
How to improve the quality of Africa’s doctoral education 1 May 2021
How universities can contribute to national development 20 February 2021
What is China’s higher education agenda in Africa? 21 November 2020
Towards a participatory approach to strategic planning 7 November 2020
Taking a more focused approach to strategic planning 10 October 2020
Rethinking strategic planning in African universities 3 October 2020
Learning from criticism and listening to student feedback 26 September 2020
Politics and the obsession with university proliferation 23 July 2020
A robust Afrocentric teaching model needs continuous critique 25 June 2020