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Author: Ellen Hazelkorn
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Positioning HE and research: Is it time for a rethink? 22 August 2023
We need a dynamic new model for post-secondary education 20 June 2023
University rankings: Assessing the newest kid on the block 11 February 2023
Pressure on rankings may lead to a more meaningful exercise 17 December 2022
Are the SDGs being used to rank impact or monetise data? 30 April 2022
20 years on, what have we learned about global rankings? 22 January 2022
Strategy seeks ‘inclusive excellence’ for European HE 20 January 2022
Have too many people been left behind, post-secondary? 14 November 2020
Time to strengthen multilateralism in higher education 27 April 2020
Should universities be ranked for their SDG performance? 21 March 2020
A clarion call for civic re-engagement by universities 19 October 2019
Maximising the civic mission of universities in Wales 30 March 2019
No easy way to clarify higher education quality 14 September 2018
Can we measure education quality in global rankings? 14 August 2018
Universities have become isolated from their publics 12 May 2017
New ways to make the case for the public good of HE 5 May 2017
Why most universities should quit the rankings game 8 January 2017
Is higher education serving the public interest? 16 December 2016
The crucial role of arts and humanities in societal change 28 November 2016
Crucial role of arts and humanities in societal change 25 November 2016
Could HE rankings be socially transformative? 16 October 2016
Could HE rankings be socially transformative? 14 October 2016
We must include the public more in scientific debates 23 October 2015
University rankings schizophrenia? Europe impact study 14 November 2014
Are university rankings the tip of the iceberg? 4 April 2014