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Marine research collaboration promises blue economy boost 11 November 2023
University bows out of research project with Chinese vessel 20 October 2023
New national plan to modernise crisis-hit public universities 21 September 2023
Prospects for foreign, private universities raise hopes 21 January 2023
Students mount renewed protests over their leaders’ arrest 7 September 2022
Students pin hopes on study abroad but face huge hurdles 30 August 2022
Students, young people play key role in ousting president 14 July 2022
Several universities shut down amid collapsing economy 24 June 2022
PM resigns amid violence, as student protest camp targeted 11 May 2022
Students throw their weight behind island-wide protests 7 April 2022
Energy crisis hits online education, school-leaving exams 23 March 2022
More HE disruption as new wave of COVID-19 hits Asia 23 July 2021
Uproar over attempt to ‘privatise and militarise’ HE 29 June 2021
Asian universities close again amid new coronavirus wave 14 May 2021
Government to set up 10 ‘city universities’ in regions 2 April 2021
University enrolment to rise by 30% in record intake 18 March 2021
Military training programme for graduates under fire 17 September 2020
COVID-19: South Asia graduates face bleak job prospects 28 May 2020
Universities shut down across South and Southeast Asia 20 March 2020
Mass unemployed graduate recruitment programme suspended 7 March 2020
Minister agrees push to attract foreign branch campuses 8 February 2020
Plan to recruit 50,000 unemployed graduates by March 17 January 2020
Education reform pledged by both presidential candidates 14 November 2019
MPs recommend a government take-over of Sharia campus 29 June 2019
Fear of campus Islamophobia after Easter bombings 31 May 2019