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College is worth it, but students are growing sceptical 4 March 2023
Judge blocks university’s auction of ‘Wizard of Oz’ dress 25 May 2022
More colleges face bankruptcy but record wealth at top schools 4 December 2021
Department announces fixes to loan forgiveness scheme 9 October 2021
Big companies pay for college, but money isn’t everything 2 October 2021
Black women owe 22% more in student debt than white women 19 June 2021
Cautious new graduates flock to state-backed jobs 13 June 2021
Student debt rises as loan forgiveness remains uncertain 4 June 2021
Bernie Sanders introduces bill to make college free 25 April 2021
More colleges make COVID vaccines mandatory for students 18 April 2021
Rising college costs continue to deter students 20 March 2021
Senate bill to tighten controls on Confucius Institutes 13 March 2021
Biden rules out cancelling US$50,000 in student debt 20 February 2021
Pandemic may have paused rising college costs – Report 31 October 2020
University president: I do not see a return to pre-COVID learning 24 October 2020
The other college debt crisis – Colleges are going broke 7 December 2019
Bill seeks to cut off for-profit colleges from federal funds 26 October 2019
Study uncovers strings attached to Coca-Cola research funds 11 May 2019
HE at risk from immigration policies – University head 23 February 2018
Another university aims to eliminate all student loans 29 September 2017
Oxford at forefront of medical cannabis research 24 March 2017