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Frontier technologies can make big inroads on inequality 29 April 2023
Proportion of women in academic leadership is on the rise 5 March 2022
Why SDG-focused Impact Rankings need to be contextualised 28 April 2021
How can universities ensure progress towards the UN SDGs? 22 April 2021
Lesson from the subject rankings is that funding is key 8 March 2021
New rankings results show how some are gaming the system 12 June 2020
Sustainability rankings show a different side to higher education 9 May 2020
Bumpy road ahead for Australian universities 30 November 2019
Not just the usual suspects in employability ranking 28 September 2019
THE rankings expand as Asia Pacific continues to rise 21 September 2019
ARWU university ranking expands, delivers further volatility 24 August 2019
Measuring university impact – A rankings innovation 16 April 2019
The higher education landscape is changing fast 22 June 2018
Subject data show areas Asian universities must work on 2 March 2018
What 15 years of global ranking says about HE trends 1 September 2017
Uneven development leaves private institutions on top 25 August 2017
The new battlefront in university subject rankings 7 July 2017
The continued rise of East Asia and the Pacific in higher education 9 June 2017
Universities and students lose out in ‘reform’ package 5 May 2017
Manufacturing internationalisation of higher education 10 February 2017
THE’s global university ranking favours US and UK 23 September 2016
The tides of change revealed by new world ranking 9 September 2016
Winners and losers in the ARWU ranking 26 August 2016
New THE ranking – Brazil 23, Chile 11 and Argentina 0 15 July 2016
How to boost your university’s ranking position 24 June 2016