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Private HE providers are ‘sitting on periphery’ of society 25 May 2023
Shifts in racial profile of professors still slow – Study 2 May 2023
Science communication can help with STEM teachers’ training 13 April 2023
COVID: Why some students’ mental health did not deteriorate 6 April 2023
Report calls for professional standards for TVET lecturers 23 March 2023
Study reveals more about ‘pandem-icons’ during COVID 16 February 2023
Journalism and PR might soon vie for the same stories 26 January 2023
Study shows race bias in employment of science graduates 19 January 2023
The dire struggles of students from low-income families 20 October 2022
Concern over time PhD candidates take to complete studies 11 August 2022
Cost and quality concerns slow the growth of private HE 11 August 2022
Questions about maths teachers’ training in lockdown – study 4 August 2022
Study has implications for patriarchal institutional policies 16 July 2022
Who were the expert voices during the COVID-19 pandemic? 30 June 2022
Study reveals deep concerns over cheating, learning quality 5 May 2022
Choose the right journal and other tips to get published 19 February 2022
Trust in science is critical for future crises – Report 29 January 2022
TVET qualification no golden highway to a job, students say 20 January 2022
Age-friendly universities can engage older students 15 January 2022
Engineering TVET lecturers ‘not in tune’ with tech changes 13 January 2022
Future of work – Changed, connected, faster, new jobs, robots 11 December 2021
Review of science journals shows strengths and weaknesses 9 December 2021
Nine universities to help build pan-African network 21 October 2021
The entrepreneurial university is an ‘emergent space’ 21 October 2021
How to be an effective peer reviewer and help your career 16 October 2021