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Students suffer due to inadequate services at campus clinics 21 September 2023
HE teachers to receive national policy-aligned training 13 September 2023
Bringing student voices into university teacher induction 7 September 2023
HE body says universities need permission to work with UN 6 September 2023
AI study in universities must be broad, multidisciplinary 16 August 2023
Historic convening to boost mobility in higher education 30 June 2023
A new contribution to the debate on internationalisation 17 June 2023
New bill passed to give poor students access to private HE 1 June 2023
Insurgency leads to university closures, staff deaths 28 March 2023
Change of naira notes leaves students stranded without cash 9 March 2023
Universities cannot resist AI – Rather, they must embrace it 24 February 2023
Club unlocks scholarship opportunities for achievers 16 February 2023
Is Malaysia’s government striking the right note with students? 8 January 2023
Why international graduates find it hard to stay and work 10 December 2022
How co-creation with local communities can drive change 19 November 2022
Education minister bars establishment of new universities 11 November 2022
Our climate is changing. So should our higher education 16 September 2022
How can Rajabhat universities pull back from the precipice? 13 August 2022
The state of higher education internationalisation after COVID 21 May 2022
When it comes to studying abroad, SDGs matter to students 14 May 2022
Cultural higher education: A new driver of branch campuses? 14 May 2022
Vice-chancellor: ‘So many things that encumber us’ 10 March 2022
University is an impossible dream for most asylum seekers 21 February 2022
Craving for a cricket? Research on edible insects can help 27 January 2022
Study abroad is back, but has it changed post-COVID? 7 January 2022