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Author: Wondwosen Tamrat
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Honorary degrees: A matter of image, money and publicity? 10 February 2022
Halting HE expansion in the public sector: The alternatives? 3 February 2022
HE sector wants qualification framework to be implemented 27 January 2022
Training of HE leaders requires a holistic response 9 December 2021
Programme quality audits support institutional improvements 11 November 2021
Tackling student attrition requires systemic interventions 14 October 2021
Are universities learning from external quality assurance? 7 October 2021
Policy knowledge of academic staff: Gaps and implications 23 September 2021
Plan to create degree-relevant jobs for 80% of graduates 16 September 2021
Women groomed to take up future leadership roles 2 September 2021
Closer collaboration between schools, universities urgent 15 July 2021
Open science’s riches are still largely unexploited 10 June 2021
Open science’s riches still largely unexploited 10 June 2021
Tardy implementation undermines TVET reform policies 27 May 2021
Ambitious plan for homegrown PhD programmes 11 May 2021
STEM centres can elevate interest in science 29 April 2021
Science policy crafted to build the economy and society 15 April 2021
Implementation will make or break new digital skills plan 8 April 2021
TVET and the challenges of cooperative training 18 March 2021
Government promises autonomy for universities 11 March 2021
Promises not enough to tackle TVET assessment gaps 4 March 2021
Tackling the barriers to a national innovation system 11 February 2021
Delays in doctoral studies need urgent attention 21 January 2021
Tighter measures needed to combat predatory publications 14 January 2021
Employment gender gap also a higher education issue 3 December 2020