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Study proposes range of measures to improve HE performance 30 August 2022
Age of retirement goes up to 68 to overcome faculty shortage 25 August 2022
Rights group rejects proposed laws for student politics 22 August 2022
New commerce university to focus on digital economy 18 August 2022
First regional cloud ecosystem: Benefits, challenges for HE 17 August 2022
Access to local journals boosts research output – Study 11 August 2022
Outrage over the killing of another female student 11 August 2022
Diversity-related questions low on Africa’s research agenda 11 August 2022
Gaza universities close doors amid deadly Israeli strikes 9 August 2022
Anger over alleged cheating in medical entrance exam 5 August 2022
Universities mobilise to quell conflict in Blue Nile region 28 July 2022
Impact of climate change on healthcare needs more research 23 July 2022
New HE accreditation agency will need enough resources 14 July 2022
Parents reject ministry’s plan for war-affected students 30 June 2022
New book interrogates doctoral training across continent 23 June 2022
Student’s murder: HE should tackle gender-based violence 22 June 2022
University community slams partnership with Israel 22 June 2022
Is the emerging open-access model another closed system? 16 June 2022
Measures proposed to tackle youth unemployment hotspot 8 June 2022
Petition wants more study support for war-affected Africans 2 June 2022
Actions to protect scholars amid academic freedom threats 31 May 2022
‘Burnout is a real phenomenon for African professors’ 26 May 2022
Boosting linguistic skills to produce market-ready graduates 26 May 2022
Key role for universities in Egypt’s climate strategy 24 May 2022
How to enhance Africa’s university-business ecosystems 20 May 2022