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Author: Wagdy Sawahel
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Climate action is a key HE mandate and in need of funding 5 November 2022
Climate change beliefs: We need a values-based approach 3 November 2022
New observatory an asset for mitigating climate change 3 November 2022
Universities have to contribute more to startup ecosystem 27 October 2022
Research: Quality, not just quantity, should be improved 27 October 2022
Open science: Policy frameworks, national guidance needed 20 October 2022
Concerns over Egyptian students in Ukraine, Russia increase 20 October 2022
International students ‘less satisfied’ in branch campuses 19 October 2022
Universities should set up climate surveillance network 13 October 2022
Muslim nations’ impact on science is ‘modest but growing’ 11 October 2022
Academics back revolutionary charter to end military rule 11 October 2022
Study questions scholar rescue programme practices 8 October 2022
Higher education strategy takes another step forward 6 October 2022
Military coup’s turmoil disrupts academic activities 4 October 2022
Key role for universities in Egypt’s first IP strategy 29 September 2022
Libyan universities should advance democracy education 27 September 2022
Building ‘brand Africa’ in HE can help to retain talent 22 September 2022
Nearly half of respondents in study admit to plagiarism 19 September 2022
Academic community concerned over human rights violations 15 September 2022
HE has role in unlocking green growth on the continent 15 September 2022
Draft law for foreign campuses ‘constrains autonomy’ 9 September 2022
Smart agriculture research centre can help to pool resources 8 September 2022
Alarm on campuses after another female student is murdered 5 September 2022
Anxiety in university city as conflict returns to Tigray 1 September 2022
Want to ramp up research? Open-access practices may help 1 September 2022