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Minister unveils five-year plan to reform higher education 27 January 2023
AU’s ‘neocolonial entanglement’ undermines HE policies 26 January 2023
Private education ‘space’ aims to develop academic pool 25 January 2023
Academics protest about their poor working conditions 23 January 2023
Will Sudan’s political agreement help with rebuilding HE? 21 January 2023
Open access publishing deal for low-, middle-income countries 19 January 2023
Internationalisation: Egypt expands foreign branch campuses 19 January 2023
Academics embark on ‘indefinite’ strike over salaries 17 January 2023
Will Sudan’s political agreement help with rebuilding HE? 12 January 2023
Project helps to develop education for youth entrepreneurs 12 January 2023
It is imperative to build open science capabilities in MENA 12 January 2023
Student movements protest over rising university fees 12 January 2023
‘Suicide in the Africa region must be taken seriously’ 15 December 2022
Academia set to benefit from two new digital initiatives 15 December 2022
New initiative puts cities at frontline of climate change 9 December 2022
HE should beef up efforts to produce indigenous coaches 8 December 2022
80% of PhD holders dissatisfied with recruitment process 8 December 2022
Most Arab universities improve in rankings indicators 1 December 2022
Academics are angry about ministry’s ‘indifference’ 30 November 2022
New initiative to improve food security amid climate crisis 24 November 2022
Academics see research potential of ‘loss and damage’ fund 24 November 2022
Initiative elevates women’s key role in climate adaptation 17 November 2022
Centre to support climate adaptation in Africa announced 14 November 2022
Business Schools for Climate Leadership initiative launched 12 November 2022
Africa Digital Campus aims to support distance education 10 November 2022