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Open science drive gets buy-in from university leaders 23 March 2023
Police violence against students on campus sparks outrage 23 March 2023
Digital transformation plan launched, but in need of funding 23 March 2023
National roadmaps can help countries to pursue SDGs 16 March 2023
LDC youth seek better access to education, food security 16 March 2023
Divisions over readiness for ‘Study in Iraq’ initiative 15 March 2023
Wanted: A mutually beneficial STI cooperation agenda 14 March 2023
Campuses in Africa ‘re-centred’ as terrains of struggle 9 March 2023
New scientific strategy is a shift towards sustainability 9 March 2023
How can our universities help to mitigate disaster risk? 3 March 2023
UNESCO-AU report places equity at the centre of policy 2 March 2023
Initiative promises stronger open-science ecosystem in Africa 2 March 2023
AU declaration on Israel’s observer status draws support 28 February 2023
How to address unintended effects of internationalisation 24 February 2023
Boosting value education to halt trust decline – Report 23 February 2023
Non-academic staffers strike over working conditions 23 February 2023
Multi-pronged approach suggested to curb exam cheating 16 February 2023
Escaping ‘bibliometric coloniality’, ‘epistemic inequality’ 15 February 2023
Open science – Accelerator for Sustainable Development Goals 14 February 2023
Universities worldwide offer support for quake response 10 February 2023
More training needed to combat predatory publishing 9 February 2023
Is US$1 billion for spaceport about science or power? 9 February 2023
Embrace it or reject it? Academics disagree about ChatGPT 7 February 2023
Universities mobilise resources to help quake victims 6 February 2023
Innovation observatory to help build scientific system 2 February 2023