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Author: Wagdy Sawahel
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Jobless PhDs continue sit-in, call for national solidarity 11 July 2020
Universities explore virtual vivas amid COVID-19 9 July 2020
Ministry says private universities not eligible for bailouts 9 July 2020
Shift to online learning exposes need for disability strategy 2 July 2020
COVID-19 drives medical brain drain – Is it all bad? 25 June 2020
Graduates demand jobs amid virus-led austerity drive 22 June 2020
Universities show their ‘determination to make a difference’ 18 June 2020
The critical role of data in the fight against food insecurity 18 June 2020
Students say ‘cautious’ reopening is a unilateral decision 18 June 2020
COVID-19 brings new cyber-security threats to universities 8 June 2020
Universities grapple with how to conduct fair admissions 1 June 2020
Putting students’ mental wellbeing on the agenda 28 May 2020
Ministry announces in-person university examinations plan 23 May 2020
Pandemic exposes need for new university funding strategy 14 May 2020
Students resist government’s plan to reopen universities 13 May 2020
COVID-19 offers chance to join ‘global research race’ 4 May 2020
How universities can help during an economic downturn 30 April 2020
Universities pull their academic weight in fight against COVID-19 23 April 2020
University examinations – A question of means 16 April 2020
University shutdowns bring new challenges to academic freedom 16 April 2020
Unions appeal for borders to be opened to returning students 6 April 2020
Academic communities respond to society’s needs 6 April 2020
TV channel reaches students without internet access 31 March 2020
COVID-19 threat shows need for more Africa-based research 26 March 2020
Union opposes online classes as ‘violation of equality’ 26 March 2020