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A roadmap for making Morocco a regional hub 10 June 2021
Why Egypt’s higher education sector continues to improve 10 June 2021
Students call on new female minister to tackle problems 3 June 2021
Universities, schools close in the wake of COVID-19 surge 23 May 2021
North African students mobilise for Palestinian cause 21 May 2021
Tax reform needed to boost university finances 20 May 2021
Faculty and other staff should be on vaccination list 19 May 2021
University community asks for a COVID tracking system 14 May 2021
COVID-19: Educational institutions ordered to close 11 May 2021
Universities should establish anti-money-laundering practices 10 May 2021
African students in India ask their governments for help 3 May 2021
Battery-powered offline virtual libraries for students 29 April 2021
Low-cost virtual lab effectively promotes learning, skills 29 April 2021
Solid performance by SA institutions, but also warning bells 29 April 2021
Growing number of universities in Africa ranked for SDGs 29 April 2021
Global impact rankings include 2 African universities in top 100 22 April 2021
Religious education in Africa a double-edged sword 22 April 2021
Return to remote learning as COVID-19 third wave unfolds 19 April 2021
Cube satellites to bolster education of space scientists 8 April 2021
Face-to-face learning suspended as third wave hits 5 April 2021
Can Mozambique fast-track innovation? 1 April 2021
Several Egyptian universities shine in global rankings 1 April 2021
Unemployed PhDs on a hunger strike over their plight 30 March 2021
Egypt to start clinical trials on COVID-19 vaccine 23 March 2021
Tunisia’s first satellite launch could advance education 23 March 2021