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Africa-Europe Clusters of Research Excellence total 20 29 September 2023
Ministry unveils draft HE research strategy with SDG 4 focus 28 September 2023
First Greek university branch campus to open in Egypt 26 September 2023
Floods: Officials arrested over alleged mismanagement of dams 26 September 2023
G77 issues call for more equality in global STI landscape 22 September 2023
UN calls for more education funding to boost sustainability 21 September 2023
Students protest over gender segregation in universities 21 September 2023
Niger, Mali and Burkina Faso feel impact of France’s visa call 21 September 2023
Plans afoot to include Tamazight as language of learning 19 September 2023
Sustainability: A vital role for Arab League universities 18 September 2023
University leaders need to put ESD on their agendas – Study 16 September 2023
More HE students seek private tutoring – Is it a problem? 14 September 2023
As death toll rises, academics rally to help flood victims 13 September 2023
Student organisations mobilise to help earthquake victims 11 September 2023
Academic union announces HE shut-down over unmet demands 8 September 2023
Study points to benefits of getting to grips with plagiarism 7 September 2023
Educational tourism initiative lures international students 4 September 2023
Officials suspended, arrested over alleged scholarship fraud 1 September 2023
104 HE institutions burned and vandalised, says ministry 31 August 2023
Natural resources a ‘curse’ for the research sector – Study 24 August 2023
Pioneering digital development to further modernise HE sector 24 August 2023
Green buildings: A sustainable path to student housing? 24 August 2023
PhD graduates hospitalised in hunger strike over jobs 22 August 2023
Universities closed amid armed clashes in the capital 16 August 2023
Hardship for academics who have gone without pay for months 15 August 2023