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College enrolment drops, even as the pandemic’s effects ebb 4 June 2022
Some universities, schools reimpose indoor mask mandates 28 May 2022
Outbreaks push some universities to reinstate masks 13 April 2022
Top university reinstates standardised testing requirements 30 March 2022
Maths professor challenges ‘US News’ ranking of Columbia 20 March 2022
Government to clear loans for defrauded for-profit students 19 February 2022
Sport body’s new constitution shifts power to universities 22 January 2022
In wake of racism, students push for Asian American studies 15 January 2022
As US hunts for Chinese spies, scientists warn of backlash 4 December 2021
Worried by censorship, group moves to set up new university 13 November 2021
Black colleges feel stung by Democrats 23 October 2021
American University students, staff stranded in Kabul 4 September 2021
International students begin to return after COVID hiatus 28 August 2021
Police arrest students for ‘advocating terrorism’ 21 August 2021
Supreme Court won't block Indiana University's vaccine mandate 13 August 2021
Hong Kong student unions wonder if they have a future 7 August 2021
Campus embodies PM’s bid to create conservative elite 4 July 2021
Looming Harvard case puts affirmative action at risk 4 June 2021
11 universities transferred to foundations led by Orbán allies 1 May 2021
Colleges, universities plan for ‘normal’ semester in fall 6 March 2021
At elite universities, students demand environmental action 6 February 2021
Some colleges plan to bring back more students 12 December 2020
As occupancy dwindles, college dorms go beyond students 21 November 2020
Fear clouds Hong Kong universities as academics targeted 14 November 2020
Rethinking the gender gap in the wake of COVID-19 10 October 2020