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Universities to resume soon – Minister 29 August 2020
China to criminalise college exam fraud after identity thefts 25 July 2020
No automatic university tuition fee refunds, MPs say 18 July 2020
Universities urged to adopt risk management strategy with China 11 July 2020
Minister lambasts universities for letting students down 4 July 2020
Students call on universities to defund campus policing 27 June 2020
A fifth of UK universities are ‘decolonising’ the curriculum 14 June 2020
Women’s research plummets during lockdown, not so for men 16 May 2020
Increase in medical research funds announced 2 May 2020
Students’ union calls on universities to cancel summer exams 4 April 2020
Health authorities ask universities to share testing material 28 March 2020
Chinese students flee after ‘maskaphobia’ triggered attacks 21 March 2020
Students protest universities’ use of facial recognition 7 March 2020
Academics refused permanent visas due to research abroad 29 February 2020
Calls for private universities to benefit from state fund 15 February 2020
Alarm at plan to rank universities by graduate earnings 15 February 2020
China to relax internet restrictions for banned students 15 February 2020
Scholar’s visa fight ‘sends shockwaves’ through sector 8 February 2020
Academics say they are blocked from exploring trans issues 18 January 2020
Oxford University scholarship for black Britons launched 7 December 2019
International students cross picket lines out of fear 30 November 2019
Cambridge accepts £6 million Shell donation for research 9 November 2019
Universities under fire for outsourcing low-paid campus jobs 2 November 2019
Vice-chancellor steps aside over blackmail claims 26 October 2019
No equality for black and minority ethnic academics – Study 19 October 2019