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Author: Shuriah Niazi
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Major post-election higher education review underway 23 May 2019
Institutes gear up India for age of artificial intelligence 11 May 2019
Parties vie for 84 million first-time votes with HE pledges 12 April 2019
CCTV used to tackle problem of ‘ghost’ medical faculty 23 March 2019
Job quotas confusion leaves thousands of posts empty 14 March 2019
Military tensions lead to rise in campus sedition charges 28 February 2019
Kashmiri students face backlash after major terror attack 21 February 2019
Students want better education and employment opportunities 14 February 2019
Anger in India over fake US university sting operation 6 February 2019
Freeze on new engineering institutes due to empty seats 24 January 2019
Extension of caste quotas to shake up higher education 17 January 2019
‘Surveillance’ of academics condemned globally 10 January 2019
International historian bows to right-wing pressure 11 November 2018
International historian bows to right-wing pressure 8 November 2018
Ministry backpedals on ‘gagging’ rules for academics 26 October 2018
Students threaten campus walkout over sedition charges 19 October 2018
Top technology institutes recruit global staff jointly 28 September 2018
Will anti-plagiarism rules improve research credibility? 14 September 2018
Revamp of university regulatory body faces opposition 23 August 2018
More ‘institutes of eminence’ to be selected despite row 26 July 2018
‘Institutes of eminence’ named – but not all exist yet 12 July 2018
New regulatory body will push HE quality and autonomy 6 July 2018
Bid to boost tertiary enrolment through online courses 1 June 2018
Fee waivers bid to draw top students from Asia, Africa 20 April 2018
Landmark decision gives more freedom to top universities 22 March 2018