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Author: Shuriah Niazi
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Indian medical students go to court over China lockdown 17 February 2022
Hijab row forces closure of state colleges, schools 11 February 2022
Controversy erupts over new woman VC for top university 11 February 2022
Universities face tighter rules on edtech collaboration 29 January 2022
Suicides at elite institutions blamed on discrimination 21 January 2022
All central universities to use common entrance exam 13 January 2022
Standardised national test for PhD admissions next year 15 December 2021
Anti-terror laws used against scholars erode academic freedom 9 December 2021
IIT Delhi seeking to open overseas campuses in Arab world 18 November 2021
Top university’s academic seminar on Kashmir blocked 4 November 2021
Patenting fees cut by 80% to spur university innovation 15 October 2021
Mandatory PhD for university posts postponed due to pandemic 7 October 2021
Row erupts over ‘jihadi’-focused counter-terrorism course 9 September 2021
Neighbours open up to Afghan students as Taliban takes over 20 August 2021
Row over Hindu bias in revision of history syllabus 23 July 2021
Pandemic is behind large learning loss for students 16 July 2021
Change of minister expected to speed up reform roll-out 9 July 2021
Students and teachers oppose common entrance test plans 3 July 2021
India has reached ‘watershed’ for science and innovation 18 June 2021
Vaccinations for students going abroad scuppered by shortages 3 June 2021
Universities respond to rapid new hike in COVID-19 cases 9 April 2021
Uproar as key government critic quits university post 24 March 2021
Plan for 35 multidisciplinary research universities 20 March 2021
Green light for universities to offer fully online degrees 19 March 2021
Call for release of jailed professor ill with COVID-19 22 February 2021