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Author: Shadi Khan Saif
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Public universities closed, struggling to segregate genders 16 September 2021
New minister’s hardline views raise fears for education 9 September 2021
Taliban HE gender policy threatens women’s education 2 September 2021
Fear and distrust despite Taliban pledges on women’s HE 27 August 2021
As the Taliban advances, students fear for their lives and higher education 13 August 2021
Taliban advances shatter the dream of higher education 17 July 2021
Iran leads the way to revive MENA commitment to knowledge 27 May 2021
Deadly school attacks cast dark shadow over HE aspirations 21 May 2021
Asian universities close again amid new coronavirus wave 14 May 2021
Academic brain drain raised by MPs after years of denial 17 March 2021
New semester sees continued caution on campus reopenings 27 February 2021
Kabul University sets up new innovation centre for women 7 January 2021
Lockdowns, early campus closures in COVID second wave 27 November 2020
Kabul University reopens after carnage from IS attack 10 November 2020
Country mourns victims of Kabul University carnage 3 November 2020
Girl from threatened minority tops university entry exam 1 October 2020
Universities across Asia start to reopen bit by bit 10 June 2020
COVID-19: South Asia graduates face bleak job prospects 28 May 2020
Universities unprepared for switch to remote learning 26 March 2020
Universities shut down across South and Southeast Asia 20 March 2020
Centre for religious studies became Asia hub of COVID-19 11 March 2020
Academics decry Trump’s threat to hit cultural sites 25 January 2020
Anti-regime student protests erupt after jet disaster 14 January 2020
Mooted closure of the American University causes alarm 7 January 2020
Authorities move to prevent protests at universities 5 December 2019