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Universities reach agreement with Elsevier 19 January 2018
Macron urges faster action to build university networks 24 November 2017
Big data reveals patterns in HE names lists 7 July 2017
NIH plan to reduce overhead payments draws fire 9 June 2017
University heads decry government science reforms 9 June 2017
Antipathy to Le Pen presidency unites research leaders 5 May 2017
‘We’re in a desperate fight to keep our university open’ 21 April 2017
Top university shuttered after conservative assault 31 March 2017
Trump’s health budget may slash university payments 24 March 2017
Early warning system for students in academic trouble 24 February 2017
NSF asks universities to share rotator staff costs 28 October 2016
University to investigate data manipulation charges 24 September 2016
University plans to rewrite controversial funding deal 15 July 2016
Online service to advise universities on gender equality 25 June 2016
Nobelists convince president to back off on science cuts 4 June 2016
UK to merge research and innovation in single agency 28 May 2016
Programme to create ‘Ivy League’ gets extra funds 29 April 2016
Five-year plan boosts basic research funding 2 April 2016
The public good of public research universities – Study 26 March 2016
Scientists protest ‘serious neglect’ of research 5 March 2016
Academy seeks to stem 'crisis of confidence' in science 20 February 2016
Ivy League universities ditch ‘master’ title 12 December 2015
Is Apple patent defeat a victory for universities? 24 October 2015
President opens door to academic exchange 3 October 2015
Country still mulling lethal research whaling 27 June 2015