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Science body surprised by alleged harassment case numbers 2 November 2019
Study shows researchers falsify job applications 5 October 2019
Senate approves bill on sexual harassment in universities 31 August 2019
New policies aim to boost research, innovation system 31 August 2019
Arctic science at risk as university braces for budget cuts 20 July 2019
Hong Kong and China forge ties despite fight for autonomy 22 June 2019
A wave of graduate programmes drops GRE requirement 1 June 2019
Thousands of scientists strike to protest budget cuts 4 May 2019
Former deputy PM calls for more money for research 27 April 2019
University probes allegations against Antarctica scientist 20 April 2019
Academy of sciences under pressure to ‘reform and transform’ 16 March 2019
University heads call for UK to ‘fully’ join Horizon Europe 25 January 2019
How to shine in Indonesian science? Game the system 11 January 2019
Reorganisation sparks turmoil at top research museum 7 December 2018
Polish law gives universities more power in R&D push 23 November 2018
Researchers fear election of far-right candidate 19 October 2018
NSF announces new awards for quantum research 28 September 2018
Trump administration to review foetal tissue research 28 September 2018
‘Trimming the fat’ – Implications for research 28 September 2018
New policy to protect research community from harassment 21 September 2018
Deadly secrets in university library collection 31 August 2018
Four universities engaged in match-making 30 March 2018
Call for more Framework social sciences research funding 16 February 2018
Backlash forces university to drop big tobacco grant 9 February 2018
Education minister calls evolution ‘scientifically wrong’ 26 January 2018