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Statistics show most school achievers have parents with HE 11 September 2022
European Universities alliances add start-ups to playbook 4 September 2022
Many immigrants in Norway are overqualified for their jobs 28 July 2022
Five pillars of the European Innovation Agenda unveiled 3 July 2022
Universities brace for future Brexit effect on spin-outs 25 June 2022
US universities to fight bill targeting foreign gifts to faculty 25 June 2022
Prabhakar is Biden pick as adviser and science office head 15 June 2022
Pacifist universities pose obstacle to R&D militarisation 28 May 2022
German researchers warn against top-down assessment reform 21 May 2022
Science academies kick off talks on greening the sector 13 May 2022
Controversial appointment at research agency sparks outrage 16 February 2022
Universities face funding gap before 2024 budget increase 27 January 2022
EU issues guidelines on foreign interference in research 21 January 2022
Commission proposes rules for recognition of short courses 18 December 2021
Research ministers agree on research area governance 4 December 2021
As COP26 nears, universities lag on fossil fuel divestment 30 October 2021
What the election means for research and innovation 2 October 2021
Call for EU to help Afghan scientists 11 September 2021
Berlin universities cut meat from campus menus 4 September 2021
Amid pandemic disruptions, grad students push to unionise 4 September 2021
Swiss fear Horizon Europe exclusion ‘will last years’ 28 August 2021
Researchers fear for their safety – and the future of science 28 August 2021
Science and research funding overlooks Asian Americans 17 July 2021
Government tightens foreign research collaboration rules 17 July 2021
Chinese universities – Academics call for cooler heads 11 July 2021