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E-learning is getting stuck in the digital divide 8 July 2021
International students can stay on and work for two years 3 July 2021
How universities must reconcile with First Nations people 3 July 2021
Sisulu Foundation: Africa responds to COVID’s ‘hard lessons’ 1 July 2021
Faculty need policies for quality assurance of online learning 1 July 2021
How universities can foster a scientific research culture 19 June 2021
Saudi Arabia and UAE fuel rising esteem for region’s HE 12 June 2021
Region still hampered by lack of high impact citations 12 June 2021
Australian universities see overall ranking improvement 12 June 2021
UK and Swiss universities lead for Europe in the top 20 12 June 2021
Japan and South Korea decline, China still rising 12 June 2021
US in prolonged decline, Canada reversing stagnation 12 June 2021
Generosity and collegiality as institutions embrace blended learning 10 June 2021
HE should prepare students for life not just livelihood 27 May 2021
Thousands deregistered amid further funding cuts 27 May 2021
Rewarding research that helps national development 22 May 2021
China deepens Balkans ties using Serbian universities 15 May 2021
Addressing equity and resilience in the wake of COVID-19 15 May 2021
Steep drop in teaching degree applications causes alarm 7 May 2021
EU extends support for ASEAN higher education 1 May 2021
How to improve the quality of Africa’s doctoral education 1 May 2021
Open education resources to shape post-pandemic world 29 April 2021
Vaccine rollout makes UK a more attractive study location 26 April 2021
IMF pushes Kenya to overhaul three top institutions 22 April 2021
Strong growth for University World News – Africa 16 April 2021