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Experts believe investing in Africa’s young is critical 22 October 2021
Universities to resume limited in-person learning 16 October 2021
Science as the key to sustainable and equitable development 14 October 2021
US-China research collaboration: A call to action 9 October 2021
Lecturers are key to ending colonial epistemicide 7 October 2021
After protests, university agrees to remove late payment fee 18 September 2021
Doctors, universities reject government’s new courses 11 September 2021
Voting on China’s contested university project to go ahead 4 September 2021
A model of public accountability for African universities 4 September 2021
New teacher training standards emphasise critical thinking 1 September 2021
Universities to ‘use discretion’ on lecture sizes – Minister 28 August 2021
Investment opportunities in education are beckoning 26 August 2021
Higher education innovation in a time of crisis 22 August 2021
Universities face another year of too few Chinese students 21 August 2021
Higher education is at a crossroads – Government policy brief 15 August 2021
Educating ethical citizens is a priority for universities 15 August 2021
Universities to see small boost in funding 13 August 2021
Universities offer on-campus jabs in push to resume teaching 24 July 2021
Kenya’s University of Nairobi in the midst of crises 22 July 2021
Students need intellectual property policies know-how 15 July 2021
How top young academics secure ‘currency’ from the start 15 July 2021
€40m in funding for new North-South research programme 11 July 2021
Detained migrants claim to be expelled foreign students 11 July 2021
Undergraduate applications up 4% after UK vaccine rollout 10 July 2021
Sector decries funding cuts, pushes for innovative financing options 8 July 2021